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Come meet our #HagnerStrongK9 Family!

We are based out of the heart
of  The Pocono Mountains.

After rescuing our first Fur Baby, Maligator Mona 5 years ago, our future path led us to 4 more amazing Belgian Malinois. 

Our Fur Missile Babies are everything to us!
Our maligators are our loyal & loving protectors, companion's and our best friends, besides being a part of our family. Our K9's are handled with Tender, Love & Care. In our home, we practice hands on obedience training, with full attention & honorable socialization.

We thrive to keep the maligator legacy alive and held to the highest results of genetic standards.

Our passion for the breed started with our first maligator, Mona in 2014. We believe in Quality not Quantity. Our Belgian Malinoi's are imported from Czech. They are AKC, UKC, FCI, KPNV, DKK, LOF, LOSH,  Recognized Bloodlines and pedigree's. Their individual temperment and personalities are unique and rare to find. 

We invite you to come meet our K9 Family.

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